Time Management Tool for Projects

Time management tool for projects follow a simple approach of being better productive and effective through making a to do list, carrying out weekly reviews and time blocking. Time management teaches us to proactively plan how time will be spent.


Project managers can make use of the basic time management tools at their disposal to be effective. While leading a project, there are many demands on their time. So, from coordinating tasks to resolving conflicts amid team members, there are many things to take up and very less time to complete them. Thus, time management teaches us to proactively plan how time will be spent.

A simple approach to be better productive and effective would be to do list, weekly review and time blocking. Each of them is a time management tool for projects. Firstly, managers need to make sure about the actions they are responsible for getting done. If the manager has a tendency to overlook or forget doing some actions, people within your organisation start losing their confidence in you.

Make Your To Do List

To do list could be among your simplest and most effective tools to stay ahead in time management. It captures all your actions that are necessary to be taken care of while fulfilling your goals and commitments. These can be structured and organised in different ways but mostly sorted through task priority and due date but to use one is of main importance.

Weekly Review

Weekly review lets you reflect upon your upcoming actions and identify the prioritized ones. The managers decide their focus of the week and assign tasks accordingly through this employee engagement tool. Performing too many works at one time makes us not able to finish them all. A weekly review helps you focus on the most important tasks. Otherwise, managers would be busy without reason and may only be able to waste time.

Time Blocking

The last step in this is the use of a technique named time blocking. Once identified, people may carry out their tasks during weekly reviews by blocking their dates to focus on every work individually. They essentially schedule time with themselves to finish the necessary tasks. However, when blocking dates for completion of work, they must leave openings in the calendar to deal with unexpected interruptions in the form of urgent works crop up. Interruptions can also be possible if a team member is about to discuss a project with him or her.

This way you can become more productive and better be able to manage situations and things. Every delivery is time-bound and so, without managing time properly, you may head for a disaster. Therefore, learn to manage yours as well as the time of your entire team and the easiest way to do that is scheduling. In this regard, the project activities are estimated and its time-frame is determined according to the resources to be utilised for each activity.


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