How is technology changing the publishing landscape?

Technology has been disrupting every sector, and when it comes to publishing, it is no different! There has been a significant shift in the entire publishing landscape with the introduction of new technology. With change comes challenges, but to adapt and evolve into something better or become obsolete is a choice that remains.

If you talk about the publishing scenario a decade ago, desktops or internet were hardly accessible by all. But considering the current scenario, things have changed drastically. Even in the remotest corners, people have access to the internet, devices like cell phone, tablets etc. Life has become much more convenient with ease of access. The far-reaching and interactive nature of the internet represents new possibilities in how industries are organised in relation to production and consumption.

Prior to this change, newspapers were a dominant source of media. But with changing times and evolution of digital devices, it can be counted as just one of the many options. In case of books, journals or magazine publishing, you have e-books besides social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc to make your content available to a large audience. This change in model is challenging the ownership of rights, reduced duplication cost, distribution and storage, the editing processes and content transmission. Apart from this, the sales and marketing of both physical and electronic content also gets impacted. Continue reading “How is technology changing the publishing landscape?”


Salman Khan in Jail- Who Gives A BUCK!

Salman Khan

We Indians have always been proud of our morals, ethics and beliefs. With a glorious history of religion and worship behind our back, we have traversed the same disciplines into our way of life. Some recent events (you know which ones), make it evident that our loyalty and trust, when it comes to worshiping our Gods or Godmen or Cricket, remains unparallel. Anything and everything that deviates from this collective national identity needs to be punished. We live in a culture of hooliganism, mobs and judgmentalism, where righteousness entails to be the way of life.

EXCEPT, when it comes to celebrities!

Be it movie stars, religious figures, sports personalities, politicians and anybody and everybody who we could look upto. Bhakti is the essence of Indian culture and we oh- so- proudly carry the tag everywhere. The tendency of ‘celebrity worship syndrome’ in our country is euphoric. Continue reading “Salman Khan in Jail- Who Gives A BUCK!”

Hexaware Launches New Professional Services Business Unit; Appoints Arun Ramchandran as Executive Vice President and Head of Professional Services

Hexaware Technologies, a global provider of disruptive IT & IT-enabled services, complex technology solutions and automation-led business process services, today announced the launch of its new Professional Services unit and the appointment of Arun Ramchandran as Executive Vice President and Head of the Professional Services Vertical.

This addition comes at a juncture, when Hexaware, with its new brand identity and renewed focus, is on a transformational journey, revolutionizing IT, helping customers reimagine their businesses, reduce IT spend and accelerate digital business transformation, fuelled by innovation and automation. Arun, who is based out of Palo Alto in CA, will be leading this newly-formed strategic initiative and will work directly with Hexaware’s Professional Services clients globally, expanding on existing relationships and nurturing new ones, delivering digital transformation services to enable innovation and agility.

Arun Ramchandran, brings over 20 years of experience in the business-enabling IT services space, with close to 6 years at a French multinational IT consulting & services provider, as an Applications Services’ Executive Board Member and as the Chief Client Officer for their Technology & Engineering Services Unit. Continue reading “Hexaware Launches New Professional Services Business Unit; Appoints Arun Ramchandran as Executive Vice President and Head of Professional Services”

Hexaware Speaks at COLLABORATE17

Hexaware is a proud speaker at COLLABORATE 17, scheduled between April 2nd-6th at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Speaking Sessions

  • Manage Career and Succession Planning in your organization through PeopleSoft HCMApril 4th | 4:15 PM-5:15 PM | Room – Reef D | Add to Schedule |Speaker – Vishal Rao

    Career Planning business process enables organizations to create default career paths and design individual career plans for workers in an organization. Succession Planning business process enables organization to build graphical succession trees by using PeopleSoft Tree Manager and create successions plans that identify key positions and target key candidates

    • Objective 1: Understand Careers and Successions business processes as well as understand employee career data. Benefits of Succession 360
    • Objective 2: Understand Succession Trees and integration between career and succession processes
  • PeopleSoft Testing Oversimplified – PTF PERT [PeopleSoft Test Framework End-to-End Regression Test]April 3rd | 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM | Room – Mandalay Bay Ballroom L| Add to Schedule |Speaker – Balaji DV

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Hexaware Expands European Presence – Opens Global Delivery Centre in Bucharest

Hexaware Technologies Limited, a leading global provider of Application, Infrastructure, BPO and Digital services expanded its delivery presence in the European region by announcing the opening of its latest Global Delivery Centre (GDC) in Bucharest, Romania. This is in addition to the London and Tver (Russia) GDCs that Hexaware already uses to service its European and Global clients. Currently, the Company services more than a dozen customers from its Onshore and Nearshore delivery centres.

The Bucharest Global Delivery centre is situated in a prime location and in close proximity to several key clients within the European region. The state of the art infrastructure enables the Company to undertake critical IT and Business process projects, which need delivery within the European region and adds to Hexaware’s capability in delivering its services in several European languages from within the same regulatory region and time zone.

The Company will be recruiting from the region’s significant population of talented technology professionals and graduates for its new centre, which will have an initial capacity for 150 consultants. Hexaware will also offer opportunities for experienced Hexaware technology subject matter experts across technology domains to relocate to Bucharest. Continue reading “Hexaware Expands European Presence – Opens Global Delivery Centre in Bucharest”

Everest Group Recognizes Hexaware as “Star Performer” in Healthcare Payer IT Services

MUMBAI, IndiaFeb. 13, 2017PRLog — Everest Group’s report evaluated the capabilities of 22 payer IT service providers on the Everest Group Performance, Experience, Ability, Knowledge (PEAK) Matrix in global healthcare payer sector. The PEAK Matrix is a framework that does a comparative assessment of Healthcare Payer IT service providers on their relative market success and delivery capabilities. Based on the analysis, Hexaware emerged out as a major contender for its investments in innovative solutions. To further complement this recognition, Hexaware was also named as a Star Performer for demonstrating positive year-on-year movement on the PEAK Matrix.

We are proud to be recognized as a Major Contender in Everest Group’s Healthcare Payer IT Services PEAK Matrix,” said Milan Bhatt, SVP & Global Head, Healthcare, and Insurance, Hexaware Technologies Ltd . “Hexaware is focused on helping payers survive and thrive in a consumer-centric world. We are helping payers reimagine consumer experience, automate core processes, eliminate waste through the innovative use of technology and by implementing robotic process automation, without the fear of cannibalizing our own revenue.”

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Time Management Tool for Projects

Time management tool for projects follow a simple approach of being better productive and effective through making a to do list, carrying out weekly reviews and time blocking. Time management teaches us to proactively plan how time will be spent.


Project managers can make use of the basic time management tools at their disposal to be effective. While leading a project, there are many demands on their time. So, from coordinating tasks to resolving conflicts amid team members, there are many things to take up and very less time to complete them. Thus, time management teaches us to proactively plan how time will be spent.

A simple approach to be better productive and effective would be to do list, weekly review and time blocking. Each of them is a time management tool for projects. Firstly, managers need to make sure about the actions they are responsible for getting done. If the manager has a tendency to overlook or forget doing some actions, people within your organisation start losing their confidence in you. Continue reading “Time Management Tool for Projects”